WA 2023 True Grit 10km Elite Wave Results


The Elite Wave is the first wave to kick off every True Grit event, taking place at 0830hrs on Saturday morning. The lineup of Elites at our WA event was fierce, with some back to defend their 2022 titles and others competing for the very first time. As always, our Elites are chasing a coveted place on the True Grit podium, an epic prize pack, and most importantly, bragging rights! 


The course this year at Linga Longa Estate can be summed up with one word: HILLY

However, our Elites came prepared with plenty of long distance running under their belts. Our Male Elite winner, Sam Shepherd was seemingly unphased by the hills, clocking in his winning time of 1:06:57 before he went out for an extra lap (just for fun!). Sam was hotly pursued by youngster Jaymon McQuade, who, after a few years off obstacle course racing, pushed his way through to second place with a time of 1:08:56. 

True Grit alum and trail running legend, Shannon Dally returned to Linga Longa with his sights set on the podium and snagged third place with a time of 1:11:03. 

The Elite Women’s category was competitive as usual, with only ten female entrants taking part in the Elite Wave. Savannah Olsthoorn was back again this year to defend her winning title, but after a tumble out on course, she was overtaken by Kylee Ferrell who snagged a winning time of 1:22:17. Savannah, despite her cuts and scrapes took home second place with a time of 1:32:24. 

It was Alex Burdakova’s first time at True Grit and boy, did she come prepared, with plenty of trail-running and functional training prior to event day. Alex crushed the course, coming in third place with a time of 1:38:10! We caught up with our Elite Podium Winners, watch the post event recap here. 


A huge congratulations to our podium winners, they scored some amazing prizes from our sponsors including:


First Place:

  • $100 Voucher from LSKD
  • $125 cash from Nippy’s 
  • $150 Voucher from Run Vault 
  • Massive True Protein Prize Pack 
  • Epic True Grit Prize pack including brand new True Grit Merch
  • True Grit NSW 2023 Elites Entry


Second Place:

  • $70 Voucher from LSKD
  • $75 cash from Nippy’s
  • $100 Voucher from Run Vault
  • True Protein Prize Pack 
  • True Grit Prize Pack 
  • 50% off 2023 Elites Entry 


Third Place:

  • $50 LSKD Voucher 
  • $50 cash from Nippy’s
  • $50 Voucher from Run Vault
  • True Protein Prize Pack
  • True Grit Prize Pack
  • 50% off 2023 Elites Entry



  1. Kylee Ferrell |  1:22:17
  2. Savannah Olsthoorn | 1:32:24
  3. Alexandra Burdakova | 1:38:10
  4. Jacinta Ferfuson | 1:39:15
  5. Suzzane Lloyd | 1:44:21



  1. Sam Shepherd | 1:06:57
  2. Jaymon McQuade | 1:08:56
  3. Shannon Dally | 1:11:03 
  4. Joshua Hardy | 1:20:01
  5. Jason Nuttman | 1:24:35
  6. Donny Byrne | 1:25:10
  7. Kaiden Thomas | 1:25:25 
  8. Blake Portch | 1:25:36
  9. Michael Ferguson | 1:26:00 
  10.  George Bentley | 1:26:24 


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