NSW 2024 True Grit 10km Elite Wave Results


NSW 2024 True Grit 10km Elite Wave Results

The Elite Wave kicks off every True Grit event around the country and is the only wave that is timed and competitive. Starting at 0830hrs on Saturday, our male and female Elites are competing for three things: A place on the podium, epic prizes, and most importantly, course domination! 

Our NSW True Grit event takes place annually at Dargle Farm in Lower Portland and is always a challenging and dynamic course. During the 10km course our Elites tackled 35 obstacles, but perhaps the most challenging obstacle of the day was the humidity. Despite muggy conditions, our male and female Elites clocked impressive times. 

A huge congratulations to the legendary Dylan Pardy who took home first place in the Elite Men’s category with a time of 58:30. Josh Perizzolo and Clayton O’Brien kept pretty close behind Dylan, but our winner managed to put some distance between them during the long trail running sections of our course. Josh Perizzolo knows our NSW course like the back of his hand thanks to many Enduro laps in years gone by, which is perhaps why he took home second place with a time of 59:84. The boy from Bateman’s Bay and seasoned Obstacle Course Racer, Clayton O’Brien came in third with a tidy time of 1:00. 

It was great to see some new faces in the Elite women’s category, as well as some returning victors! Calypso Sheridan, originally from Brisbane, spent the last 7 years in America, and has returned to the Aussie OCR community with a bang! Calypso crushed our NSW course, scoring first place with a time of 1:08. Lucy Holman came back to Dargle Farm to defend her 2023 first-place-podium-position, but landed just shy of last year’s course domination with a time of 1:11. This was Megan Brockmeier’s first True Grit (and first OCR event in Australia since she moved here from the USA last September), and she aced it, taking home third place with a time of 1:22. 


If you’re considering entering into our Elite Wave at any True Grit event, check out our Elite Interviews to grab tips and tricks of what it takes to be an OCR Elite.


A huge congratulations to our podium winners, they scored some amazing prizes from our sponsors including:

  • Vouchers from LSKD 
  • An epic prize kit from SA1NT layers elite quality compression gear
  • True Protein legendary products
  • No Pong All natural Anti Odourant 
  • And as always, a True Grit Prize Pack and Entry to their next True Grit event! 


  1. Calypso Sheridan | 1:08 
  2. Lucy Holman | 1:11
  3. Megan Brockmeier | 1:22
  4. Hannah Best | 1:38
  5. Monique McCreanor | 1:40


  1. Dylan Pardy | 58:30
  2. Josh Perizzolo | 59:84
  3. Clayton O’Brien | 1:00
  4. Kyle Whitton | 1:07
  5. Kevin Fanning | 1:07:47
  6. Logan Cook | 1:08
  7. Brodie Merchant | 1:09
  8. Dan Corrin | 1:10
  9. Shane McFarland | 1:12
  10. Christopher Vallely | 1:14

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