SA 2024 True Grit 10km Elite Wave Results


SA 2024 True Grit 10km Elite Wave Results

The Elite Wave, a highly competitive start to every True Grit event, sets the pace across the nation. Starting promptly at 0830hrs every Saturday, elite male and female participants compete for podium glory, remarkable prizes, and of course mastery. This year was no exception with near perfect weather leaving success in the hands of the athletes alone.

Our SA True Grit event takes place annually at Caudo Vineyards in Cadell, SA and is always a challenging and dynamic course. During the 10km course our Elites tackled a whopping 37 obstacles, but perhaps the most challenging obstacle of the day was the sand. With excellent weather conditions, our male and female Elites managed to clock some seriously impressive times. 

Even with an extra two obstacles and a cheeky extra metre here and there, it was an extremely fast race this year. Both winners across the male and female category set the standard for our podium winners to shave seconds off all their previous years’ times. Notably with the asbense of Dylan Pardy at the 2024 race, Max Bush pushed his own boundaries and picked up the pace to drop his SA course time from, 58:30 in 2023 to just 56:32 in 2024. Likewise, our female returning podium stars Stephanie Wighton and Kaitlin Smith both cut just over 3 seconds off their previous year’s course time. 


Well done to all Elite competitors, we look forward to welcoming you back next year and invite some new gritters to see if they are up to this amazing challenge.

If you’re considering entering into our Elite Wave at any True Grit event, check out our Elite Interviews to grab tips and tricks of what it takes to be an OCR Elite.


A huge congratulations to our podium winners, they scored some amazing prizes from our sponsors including:

  • Vouchers from LSKD 
  • An epic prize kit from UNDO THIS MESS
  • SA1NT layers elite quality compression gear gift vouchers
  • True Protein legendary products
  • No Pong All natural Anti Odourant 
  • And as always, a True Grit Prize Pack and Entry to their next True Grit event!


  1. Emily Steven | 1:05:31
  2. Stephanie Wighton | 1:06:32
  3. Talitha Scholtz & Kaitlin Smith | 1:09:14
  4. Mona Renno | 1:24:40
  5. Miranda Fidge | 1:28:20


  1. Max Bush | 56:32:00
  2. Mark Halliwell | 1:05:52
  3. Luke Kamp | 1:05:06
  4. Peter Jacques | 1:07:23
  5. Francesc Peret & Charles O’Grady | 1:08:05
  6. David Biddle | 1:08:38
  7. Scott Pittaway | 1:08:39
  8. Cameron Parkin | 1:12:20
  9. Brannan Clarke | 1:12:35
  10. Ryno Scholtz | 1:13:20

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