Hear what our previous participants have to say about the event.

Provided a great experience with challenging obstacles. Great setup with drinks and food available at the end. Music playing – great vibe.

Absolutely loved everything. Well organised, brilliant coarse atmosphere was the best.

The course and the organisation all together. It wasn’t just a race, it was a team building experience and my husband and I loved it. We learnt to work together and carry eachother through the day. I am definitely coming back

Great obstacles and great vibes back at base! Promoted a really friendly space where everyone was helping and supporting others to get through the tougher obstacles

Great vibes, fun obstacles, beautiful location.

The event was run smoothly, the facilities were good, the people were friendly, and the course was set up amazingly!

It’s my favourite event of the year!

Organization, atmosphere, very well prepared, staff were amazing.

I can’t fault anything with the organisation of the event. The hype created leading up to the event was great as well as the information and support from the customer service team was fantastic. Not to mention the vibe on the day was sensational.

A good event which gets so many different types of people involved!

The course was a great intensity level for all participants! Loved the amount of obstacles mixed with the kms. It worked out really we. It was great see all the different obstacles. And I liked there was different options at each!

The vibe of the whole event was exciting! The music, the encouragement from vollies, the mc and the whole course was awesome.

The event was well thought out and organized. The obstacles were challenging but achievable (mostly!). The location was absolutely stunning, and the atmosphere was next level.

Everything was done well! You guys always excel in making it a memorable event.

The whole set up was spectacular! Can’t wait to attend the next one!

The overall experience and the way the event was set up exceeded our expectations. The presence of an amazing DJ who kept the energy high and the addition of the fire pit, creating a cozy and inviting ambiance, made the event truly unforgettable.

So inclusive and the atmosphere was amazing

The vibe and atmosphere at the start was awesome – loved the DJ, the big true grit sign, it was good at pumping people up for the course. The selection of obstacles was great too, lots of different challenges that were difficult but rewarding

The whole experience was awesome. I had the best time and will be back every year!

Every aspect was excellent. My daughter described it as the best thing she has ever done – that made my day!

It was amazing. Being able to push your body to do things I didn’t think I could. The vibe, the people, the obstacles, track, everything was outstanding! I mean I pulled my groin on the fort wall obstacle, but I pushed through cause it was so good. The next day though…. Ouchy lol 😂 but no regrets.

The obstacles were all done very well, the camping was the best in Australia, iv been to all of them this year and this was the best setup, plenty of toilets, live music .plenty of grass oh and excellent shower setup at the end!!! As I said the best one this year by far!

I had a fantastic weekend. Haven’t felt so alive for a long time. Great event location and all in all very organised. Thank you.

Obstacles were fun and challenging but something for all fitness levels

The obstacles were both challenging and easy for beginners, the staff were very healpful and you have just the right amount of running between obstacles.

Myself and my running colleagues all reckon this is one of the best obstacle races, great venue, everything.

Great atmosphere, fun obstacles, easy to understand what was happening, friendly staff.

Event got me out of my comfort zone and showed me that there are no limits in being able to complete things! Obstacles definitely were fun!

Beautiful countryside, awesome course, friendly environment. Most fun I have had in years and soooo keen to do it again!

I’ve done other obstacle courses in the past but was a little nervous to attempt truegrit – it totally exceeded my expectations and I had so much fun.

I’ve been 3 times now and see small improvements each time, that tells me True Grit is not just here to take our money but provide us with the best event they can