Conquering Boundaries: Power To Move Takes on True Grit in South Australia


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On the 21st of April, amidst the rugged terrain of South Australia, Power To Move embraced the challenge of True Grit’s Military Inspired Obstacle Challenge with unwavering spirit and determination.


Power To Move, an inclusive gym in South Australia, lives by the mission of empowering individuals to exceed their limits and conquer every obstacle in their path. As part of this mission, they assembled a team of passionate and dedicated members, including one remarkable individual who completed the course without sight.


Today, we celebrate the outstanding achievements of the entire Power To Move team.


With each muddy mile and towering obstacle, they showcased that strength knows no boundaries when fueled by determination and unity. The team embodied the essence of grit, pushing through challenges with unwavering resolve and lifting each other higher with every step.


We witnessed John Latassa, guided by Trainer Andrew, show real resilience as he fearlessly tackled True Grit. Despite his visual impairment, John navigated the course with remarkable dedication, showcasing that the human spirit knows no limits. He conquered obstacles that included climbing heights, jumping, balancing on beams, wading through muddy waters, and flying down slides—all without vision, guided solely by his trainer.


Power to Move Takes on True Grit SA


A special acknowledgment goes to Anna, who captured the unforgettable moments of triumph that we are delighted to share in her course wrap-up on Facebook.


Congratulations once again to everyone from Power To Move who participated, with a special salute to the remarkable John, who refuses to let any barrier hinder his pursuit of living life to the fullest and pushing his boundaries every day.


Feeling inspired to take on your own challenge?


For those ready to embrace the spirit of grit and join us in conquering obstacles, be sure to check out our upcoming events across Australia!


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