With a new year comes new opportunities, and we’re starting to get excited about the challenges that 2024 will bring! Whether it’s setting new fitness goals in the gym, practicing mindfulness, or improving mental health, the new year brings an opportunity to initiate meaningful changes.


Check out our top-tips for a healthier, happier, and better you in 2024.

Positive Podcasts & Media

We firmly believe that you are what you eat, and in this case, your mental health can reflect the media you consume. Doom-scrolling is out for 2024, instead we’re focusing on intentional media consumption that positively impacts our mental health. Our top-pick right now is Head Game with Ant Middleton. You’ll hear extraordinary stories of survival, relive heroic moments, unpack the details of life-changing decisions, and celebrate the achievement of seemingly impossible goals. This podcast series highlights what we’re capable of when we harness the power of the mind!

Create Ways to Meet New People

Lockdown really taught us not to take community for granted, and meeting new people is a great way to enrich your life. 

Find ways to meet new people that are likely to lift you up and inspire you. For example, if you want to improve your fitness, consider joining a local gym class or attending your local parkrun. If you’re signing up for True Grit this year, we have certified Grit Fit Gyms who provide expert training sessions to get you ready for the challenge. If you’d like to be connected with these gyms, send us an email with your location and we’ll put you in touch with your nearest Grit Fit Legends!

Run, Crawl, Climb

Exercise isn’t always about lifting in the gym, or heading out for a run. Exercise is about moving your body in ways that bring you joy. If the thought of exercising fills you with dread, you haven’t found the movement for you. If dancing is your jam, book in for regular dance-classes. If you’re into low-impact exercise, consider swimming laps at your local pool, or searching up some Yoga sessions on Youtube. If you like mental and physical challenges, head to your local bouldering gym and get climbing. If you’ve got kids, get out into the park and kick the footy with them or play on the monkey bars (this is great True Grit training too!).  

It doesn’t have to be trackable or logged into a fitness planner, all that matters is that you’re moving for your body! 

True Grit 2024!

With the addition of our Victoria Event, True Grit is now coming to 5 states in 2024! If you haven’t completed a True Grit before, consider popping an event on your goal list. If you have completed a True Grit, reflect on the obstacles that gave you discomfort. Did they involve heights or tight spaces? Perhaps there was an obstacle that you just couldn’t complete (Ring The Bell, we’re lookin’ at you). Set yourself the intention to come back in 2024 and smash those tricky obstacles. 

Self-improvement isn’t easy, so while you’re stepping out of your comfort zone in 2024, remember that developing yourself takes time and dedication, so be kind to yourself! 

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