QLD 2023 True Grit 10km Elite Wave Results


First Place: Joanna Hepton. Second Place: Dani Taylor. Third Place: Rachel Timperon.

The Elite Wave kicks off every True Grit event around the country and is the only wave that is timed and competitive. Starting at 0830hrs on Saturday, our male and female Elites are competing for three things: A place on the podium, epic prize packs, and most importantly, clout! 


The lineup of Elite runners at True Grit’s QLD on August 5th was competitive as always, and we were excited to see what they brought to the new course. 

A host of entrants travelled from all across Queensland as well as interstate to battle it out on our 30+ obstacles.


Kooralbyn really turned it on for us, with a perfect sunny morning for the Elites to enjoy. Both the male and female racers clocked impressive times in these perfect conditions. A huge congratulations to Quinton Gill who took home first place in the Elite Men’s category with a time of 46 minutes, while Dylan Pardy (46:15) and Zane Keleher (48:03) were hot on his heels. 

First Place: Quinton Gill. Second Place: Dylan Pardy. Third Place: Zane Keleher.

The female category was extremely competitive with only 8 entrants taking part in the Elite Wave. Johanna Hepton took home first place with an epic time of 52 minutes, followed by Dani Taylor with 65:05 and Rachel Timperon with a time of 72:10. Notably, it was Rachel’s first True Grit event, which certainly goes to show that the Elite Wave isn’t totally out of reach for everyday Gritters! If you’re considering entering into our Elite Wave at our next event, check out our interview with some of our Elites for tips and tricks via our Instagram.


A huge congratulations to our podium winners, they scored some amazing prizes from our sponsors including:


First Place:

  • $100 Voucher from LSKD
  • $125 cash from Nippy’s 
  • $150 Voucher from Run Vault 
  • Massive True Protein Prize Pack 
  • Epic True Grit Prize pack including brand new True Grit Merch
  • True Grit NSW 2023 Elites Entry


Second Place:

  • $70 Voucher from LSKD
  • $75 cash from Nippy’s
  • $100 Voucher from Run Vault
  • True Protein Prize Pack 
  • True Grit Prize Pack 
  • 50% off 2023 Elites Entry 


Third Place:

  • $50 LSKD Voucher 
  • $50 cash from Nippy’s
  • $50 Voucher from Run Vault
  • True Protein Prize Pack
  • True Grit Prize Pack
  • 50% off 2023 Elites Entry



  1. Joanna Hepton | 52:01 
  2. Dani Taylor | 65:05
  3. Rachel Timperon | 72:10
  4. Sonia Jeffrey | 80:20
  5. Kirsty Foster | 80:23



  1. Quinton Gill | 46:01
  2. Dylan Pardy | 46:15
  3. Zane Keleher | 48:03
  4. Blaine Bourke | 50:15
  5. Byron Smith | 53:54 
  6. Simon Wilson | 55:40
  7. Lane Sutherland | 57:14
  8. Gary Barnett | 58:13
  9. Adam Russel | 58:29
  10. Steve Wicks | 61:02


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