SA 2023 True Grit 10km Elite Wave Results


The Elite Wave is the first wave of every True Grit 10km race around the country – held at 0830am on the morning of the Saturday event. The Elite Wave is timed and competitive, with the first, second and third male and female to cross the line winning a great range of prizes from our sponsors. 


The field of Elite runners at True Grit’s recent SA 2023 event at Caudo Vineyard on April 29th was fierce, with a host of competitors travelling from all across South Australia as well as interstate to run the challenging 10km course comprising of 36 obstacles. It was great to see familiar faces running against some brand new Elites out on our SA course. Caudo is one of those special courses that’s challenging in its diversity. If you’re not running up sand hills, you’re in vast orange orchards, slick, slippery mud or swimming through the Murray River. Safe to say our Elites absolutely love it! 


Both male and female defending champs retained their first place titles. Dylan Pardy crossed the finish line with a comfortable lead, beating his winning time of last year by roughly three minutes. Emily Stephen also beat her winning time of last year by roughly two minutes, proving that our Elites have been putting in the work between SA events. 


For more of the action, training tips, advice and more check out our Elite Interviews post-race here


The top 4 Female and top 10 Male times are noted below. A huge congratulations to our podium winners, they scored the following amazing prizes from our sponsors:


First Place:

  • $100 Voucher from LSKD
  • $125 cash from Nippy’s 
  • $150 Voucher from Run Vault 
  • Massive True Protein Prize Pack 
  • Epic True Grit Prize pack including brand new True Grit Merch
  • True Grit NSW 2023 Elites Entry


A huge congratulations to our podium winners, they scored some amazing prizes from our sponsors including:

  • LSKD Gift Vouchers
  • Run Vault Gift Vouchers
  • Cash courtesy of Nippy’s
  • True Grit NSW 2024 Entry
  • Huge True Protein Prize Pack
  • Our biggest True Grit Merch pack yet


Check out the results below:



  1. Emily Steven | 106.1
  2. Stephanie Wighton | 110.3
  3. Kaitlin Smith | 112.25
  4. Shannon Hunkin | 117.38



  1. Dylan Pardy | 54.2
  2. Max Bush | 59.06
  3. Ben Wojkow | 105.3
  4. Spencer Cambridge | 107.3
  5. Alexander Toumbos | ​​107.5
  6. David Biddle | 108.5
  7. Toby Burt | 110.0
  8. Cameron Parkin | 114.1
  9. Luke Kamp | 114.55
  10.  Bradley Quintel | 116.25

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