NSW 2023 True Grit 10km Elite Wave Results


The Elite Wave is the first wave of every True Grit 10km race around the country – held at 0830hrs on the morning of the Saturday event. Unlike the rest of our waves at True Grit, The Elite Wave is timed and competitive, with the first, second and third male and female to cross the line winning an epic range of prizes from our sponsors!


The field of Elite runners at True Grit’s NSW 2023 event at Dargle Farm on March 4th was competitive as always, with a host of entrants traveling from all across New South Wales to take on our challenging 10km course comprising of 35 obstacles.

As our Elites approached the Horizontal Maze (obstacle 33), a light shower began to fall, which made for a highly dramatic finish.


Joshua Perizzolo crossed the finish line in first place, looking back to see Dylan Pardy climbing the final obstacle at speed. We could see the relief on Josh’s face as he sat down in the grass (we all remember Dylan’s fierce first-place finish of last year). Clayton O’Brien took out third place, roughly 3 minutes behind Dylan and Josh.


Our Elite Women’s winner was none other than Lucy Holman, letting out a huge celebratory battle-cry as she crossed the finish line. Lucy was followed by Jennifer Hynes and Samantha Palmer. Notably, it was Samantha’s first ever True Grit event and her strategy was to keep the legendary Jen Hynes in her line of sight as motivation. Jennifer is a seasoned Gritter, so it was no surprise to see her snap up second place on the podium. Epic to see first-time Gritters smashing the course and rising to the challenge, as well as the return of familiar faces! We can’t wait to see what they bring to NSW next year.


Check out our Elites crossing the finish line on our Instagram!

The top 3 Female and top 10 Male times are listed below. A huge congratulations to our podium winners, they scored some amazing prizes from our sponsors including:


  • Suunto 9 Peak Watch for the Winners
  • Cash courtesy of Nippy’s
  • True Grit NSW 2024 Entry
  • Huge True Protein Prize Pack
  • Our biggest True Grit Merch pack yet



  1. Lucy Holman | 119.39.73
  2. Jennifer Hynes | 124.40.43
  3. Samantha Palmer | 128.01.44



  1. Josh Perizzolo | 104.23.67
  2. Dylan Pardy | 104.37.01
  3. Clayton O’Brien | 107.23.67
  4. Thomas Bleasdale | 108.06.00
  5. Mckenzie O’Brien | 110.02.36
  6. Jackson Harding | 110.18.37
  7. Brodie Merchant | 114.35.20
  8. Christopher Vallely | 117.18.24
  9. Federico Chiappetta | 119.13.25
  10.  Tom Latchford | 119.39.73



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