4 Pines Brewery On Board

06 August 2014

4 Pines Brewery On Board

In an exciting new partnership, True Grit organisers have announced that 4 Pines Brewing Company has come on board as a Major Partner for True Grit events nationally.

4 Pines, are a fiercely independent brewery and famous for their handcrafted beer made according to the 18th century German purity law which only allow 4 ingredients; Hops, water, yeast & malt (allowing for the odd bit of mandarin, ginger & other natural stuff from time to time to keep the taste buds tingling) into their beers. This means that all of the nasty preservatives, artificial ingredients, flavours, additives, preservatives or fruit juice are not added to their great tasting beers.
Both True Grit and 4 Pines proudly embody the Australian ‘can do attitude’ of ‘having a go’, ‘getting it done ‘and ‘standing up to those opposed to finding a way to succeed.’ 4 Pines beers and True Grit obstacle courses are first and foremost about enjoyment – thus the synergy of why a having a cold beer after crossing the True Grit finish line go hand in hand.

Managing Director Adam McNamee, has described this partnership as great news for the Countries Gritters. “4 Pines as an organisation embodies the same values as True Grit as delivering a world class premium product that allow you to perform at your physical best,” said McNamee.

“With the resources of a company like 4 Pines Brewing Company proudly providing a beer for every finisher, it is going to make it commercially stable for us to continue to give every one of our Gritters a beer when they cross the finish line,” said McNamee.

To get your hands on a delicious 4 Pines beer, get down to one of the True Grit events across the country as they will be proudly served in the bar and the finish line for True Gritters.