Aussie Titles 24hr Enduro 2022 Results



The True Grit Aussie Titles 24hour Enduro started at 2pm on Saturday June 25th and finished at 2pm on Sunday 26th June. Enduro Gritters completed as many laps of the 11km course that they could, either solo or as part of a team of two or four. This is our toughest event on offer and brings together some of the strongest competitors from around Australia. 


Enduro is a display of grit and determination in its purest form.


A huge congratulations to all participants across the weekend – many personal goals were smashed out of the park in what was one of the toughest Enduro courses seen to date.


A big congratulations is also in order for the podium winners across the three main categories, Solo, Team of 2 and Team of 4. They scored a range of amazing prizes from our sponsors:


Solo Female Podium Winners & Results:

  1. Robyn Koszta: 10 laps, 22:12:51
  2. Jennifer Hynes: 10 laps, 23:13:58
  3. Shannon Hunkin: 9 laps, 20:38:48


Solo Male Podium Winners & Results:

  1. Jamie Hunter: 11 laps, 22:54:11
  2. Joel Murcia: 11 laps: 23:14:26
  3. Blaine Burke: 11 laps, 23:16:25


Team of Two Winners:

  1. MotFit: Paul Clark and Jess ​​Bujeya: 11 laps, 21:31:05
  2. ETS Oleeee Boys: Tim Rawkins and Paul Marshall: 11 laps, 22:34:29
  3. Luke’s Fitness Bootcamp: Luke Kamp and Sean Howley: 11 laps, 22:53:10


Team of Four Winners:

  1. Reformed Meatsticks: Dan Nicholson, John Hesse, Jake Baker and James Sayers: 15 laps, 23:20:54
  2. In Sprint Condition: Josh Christie, Tim Sandeman, Sean Geraghty, Michael Zorz: 12 laps, 23:27:24
  3. LFB Mens Team 4: Darren Corcoran, Sean McDonnell, Lincoln Brant, Philip Crebbin: 11 laps, 22:28:30


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