Top 5 Reasons To Do An Obstacle Course Race In Australia


In Australia, we take pride in many things. We love our amazing landscapes, we love our sport, and above all our mates. Now, what do you get when you combine all three of these passions with adrenaline, competition and gruelling physical and mental challenges? You get obstacle course racing and an experience unlike anything else. 


Obstacle course racing is thought to have drawn its origins from early military inspired physical training challenges such as the pentathlon in the early 1800s. Once these challenges were showcased on a broader scale to the world, this military style physical training started its evolution into the sport that is now known as obstacle course racing. 


Over the last 10 years, obstacle course racing has become a sport that not only appeals to people of all ages and athletic abilities, but also has been giving countless mental and physical  benefits to all those who dare. 


While signing up for a race gives many the motivation and purpose they need to get fit, running an obstacle race gives so much more. When we surveyed over 1,500 obstacle racers across Australia, they gave us their top 5 reasons to do an obstacle course in Australia. Drum roll please…………………


In order of popularity 5 to 1 they included:

  1. The mates, 
  2. The fun, 
  3. The challenge, 
  4. The feeling of accomplishment and of course
  5. The obstacles.


#5 The Mates

Have you ever made some of your best mates in the mud? Well you just might when you take on an obstacle course race in Australia. Whether it’s a bonding experience with your best mates, your sporting team or the people you happen to be climbing over a wall with, the camaraderie racers get each year on the course is unforgettable.

#4 The Fun

Can fitness be fun? Heck yes! True Grit obstacle challenges are big kids playgrounds. There is running, jumping, climbing, sliding and playing in the mud…what more could you ask for to feel like a kid again and have good old fashioned fun. Obstacle course races like True Grit are fun and challenging without being over the top. Which leads up to #3 – the challenge!

#3 The Challenge

Most obstacle courses races in Australia range between 5km to 10 km with up to 35 obstacles mixed amongst running in sun, sand, mud, hills and more. Whether you are looking to test your limits or see what you are capable of after children, injury or illness, obstacle course racing will leave you with the next most popular reason for doing an OCR race…a feeling of accomplishment.

#2 Feeling of Accomplishment

Obstacle courses like True Grit not only challenge you, they are a great test of endurance, strength and patience to prove to yourself that you are capable of more than you think. They are fun, addictive challenges that you will never forget or regret. While running a marathon may give you a sense of relief to finish, obstacle course racing gives you an experience you will never get on a sports field or in the gym. You can go as slow or as fast as you want, you can push yourself or work as a team. It’s the perfect combination to push your body to mind of matter completing tasks you never thought possible.

#1 The Obstacles

Now this isn’t surprising, is it? When you do an obstacle course race in Australia, you will get wet, you will get muddy, you will be scratched and possibly scarred but you will love every moment of it. It’s not just the physical obstacles that people love. They love being faced by physical and mental challenges they didn’t expect. They love pushing themselves to face their fears and prove to themselves and their bodies that they can do anything whether on their own or with the help of other racers.



So, are you ready to embark on your life blasting challenge? True Grit obstacle course races in Australia are fun challenges for all fitness levels, with no judgements, just the opportunity to push yourself to your own limits.




True Grit is for people of all ages and fitness levels. We are parents, we are couples, we are training groups, we are elite athletes and many of us are just starting our fitness journey; we are all here for a laugh and leave no one behind. We show up, no matter what, to work together and feel alive. 


Since 2013, True Grit has been giving purpose to athletes of all ages and ability through our  military inspired obstacle courses. To date, True Grit has run over 60+ events in a variety of formats all around Australia.




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