Meet Our True Grit NSW 2021 Elite Women’s Winner


Considering it takes the average person 50 – 70 minutes to complete a 10km run, and Jordi completed our 10km course consisting of 32 obstacles in 1hour 05 minutes, it’s safe to say she isn’t your average person.

That’s why we had to catch up with Jordi, to discuss how she managed to dominate the course. The best part, Jordi has been kind enough to put together a workout to help you get conditioned for your next obstacle course race with True Grit.

Just looking at Jordi’s resume, it’s obvious she was well equipped to tackle our course. She is a F45 Trainer at Blakehurst and has spent 8 years in the Army as a Nurse. The True Grit Elite Wave is a timed event that only the most competitive of Gritter’s compete in. Our Gritter’s race against one another across 10km, running, climbing and crawling across 32 obstacles and through mud. Placing first in Women’s Elites you would assume tonnes of training would have gone into the lead up to True Grit NSW. However, that wasn’t quite the case…

In May 2020 Jordi had a baby, and it wasn’t until four months after giving birth in which she started training. In just five months, Jordi resumed training and started focusing on her first True Grit event in NSW.

Being Jordi’s first event, she wanted to get a taste of True Grit and Obstacle Course Racing. Now that Jordi has proven more than capable on the field, she is setting her sights on our 24hr Enduro. We wanted to get a look into some of Jordi’s secrets for preparing for True Grit, so we held a rapid-fire Q &A and the following were here responses…

Rapid Fire Q & A

Instagram: @jordigunn_

What’s your favourite food? Doughnuts! I mean obviously I eat broccoli and chicken, but my favourite food is doughnuts.

How many True Grit events have you attended? This was the first one

What was your reaction to placing first in the Women’s Elite’s at Dargle Farm, NSW 2021? I was just happy and a bit in shock. It was just happiness from training hard and achieving something cool.

How long were you training in the lead-up to the event? I had my baby in May last year and started training about four months after that.

What was your favourite obstacle? The rope climb. Being in the army you’re used to doing it with the pack and everything, so you can just fly up the rope without all that stuff on you and it’s a bit more fun.

What was the most difficult obstacle? The mud run was the most difficult. Your foot feels so heavy as you try lift your feet out of the mud and it really burns those calf’s.

Do you have training tips for other Gritters? Yeah. Run. A lot, especially up hills.

Do you have any other tips for gritters out on the course? Invest in a good pair of trail shoes. Without them you slip over the course and on obstacles a lot.

Any parting words for our Gritters? Train hard, have fun and I will see you out there.

Jordi is an absolute weapon and definitely someone to lookout for in the obstacle course racing space, we are expecting a few more wins from this legend!

To keep up to date you can follow her Instagram @jordigunn_. If you want to train like Jordi, stay tuned for a circuit she put together for you below!

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