5 Reasons Why Doing An Obstacle Challenge Is Better Than Running Marathon


When it comes to the ultimate challenge for your body, it is indisputable that running a marathon is one of the best ways to motivate yourself to get fit. So many flock to marathon running as a bucket list item to tick off before they die. They want to gain the epic sense of accomplishment gained by pushing yourself to your limits and succeeding.However, running a marathon has one major flaw….all that running! Not only is running that distance taxing on your joints, muscles and overall body on the day alone, the training required is enough to make most give up before they have even begun. 


According to an article in the New York Times, racing numbers for marathons have been on the decline since it’s peak in 2013. Is it because doing the same thing for 42 kilometres  is crushingly boring? Is it because the training regime required to prepare is epic and unbearable? Or is it because it’s just not that fun. Whatever the reason you may find to NOT do a marathon, we have prepared our top 5 reasons why doing an obstacle challenge is BETTER than running a marathon. Enjoy!


# 5 The body

While running and training for a marathon will certainly get you physically fit, obstacle course racing increases overall stamina, muscle coordination and upper-body strength. Your overall physical fitness will be taken to new levels and your level of switch muscles vs endurance will  – anabolic – obstacles requiring feats of agility, dexterity and strength.

#4 The rush

Exercising your body is known to produce high levels of endorphins. As you overcome each obstacle, you will feel a sense of accomplishment and achievement unlike anything you get in a gym, on a sporting field or whilst running a marathon. With obstacle course racing, it’s not about getting to the finish line, it’s about working together and testing yourself every step of the way.

#3 The slides

Did we mention the slides? All the True Grit challenges have slides! It’s basically a big kids playground, and you will never get to throw yourself down a giant slide in a marathon. We guarantee that.

#2 The mud

Not only do most obstacle courses have slides, but most have MUD. Now, while most might think willingingly throwing yourself into slops of mud doesn’t sound like your cup of tea – you might be surprised! Crawling through mud takes a bit of guts, but once you submerge yourself in the first glorious squelch, you will feel truly alive. You will grunt, you will laugh but most of all you will make the best of mates.

#1 The mates

In and amongst all the mud and mayhem, the number one reason that obstacle course racing is better than marathon running is the mates. While you overcome all the physical and mental obstacles you face on an obstacle course race.


True Grit is for people of all ages and fitness levels. We are parents, we are couples, we are training groups, we are elite athletes and many of us are just starting our fitness journey; we are all here for a laugh and leave no one behind. We show up, no matter what, to work together and feel alive. 


Since 2013, True Grit has been giving purpose to athletes of all ages and ability through our  military inspired obstacle courses. To date, True Grit has run over 60+ events in a variety of formats all around Australia.




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