Nutrition and Hydration Strategies for Peak Performance in Obstacle Course Racing


As you prepare for your next True Grit challenge, understanding the crucial roles of nutrition and hydration can really boost your performance. Proper management of these elements helps you face the demanding obstacles ahead.


Staminade, our major sponsor, is a renowned provider of high-quality exercise recovery drinks. Their electrolyte-rich beverages are specially formulated to support hydration and muscle recovery, making them a perfect match for the physical demands of obstacle course racing. True Grit is super proud to partner with Staminade, ensuring that all Gritters receive top-notch post-race recovery support as they cross the finish line.


Pre-race Nutrition: Start Strong

Your pre-race diet should be rich in carbohydrates like pasta, rice, and potatoes, which help fill up glycogen stores, your body’s energy reserves. Include proteins such as chicken, fish, or beans to aid muscle repair. Remember to stick to familiar foods to avoid digestive issues during the race.


Hydration Tips: Maintain Your Momentum

Start hydrating several days before the race to ensure you’re well-hydrated, indicated by clear or pale yellow urine. During the race, you’ll have access to large water units every 2.5 km. It’s important to drink small amounts consistently throughout the race to maintain hydration without risking overhydration.


While water is your primary hydration source on the course, Staminade’s electrolyte-rich recovery drinks await at the finish line. These are crucial for quickly replenishing electrolytes lost during the race and starting the recovery process.




Post-race Recovery: Replenish and Recover

After completing the course, it’s important to refuel with carbohydrates and protein. Staminade’s recovery drinks are particularly effective in this phase, helping to replace lost electrolytes and accelerate muscle recovery, ensuring you’re ready for your next adventure sooner.


Conclusion: Essential Elements for OCR Success

Effective nutrition and hydration are foundational to your success in obstacle course racing. By ensuring you are well-prepared with the right pre-race meals, staying hydrated on the course, and utilising Staminade’s recovery drinks post-race, you optimise both performance and recovery. Every True Grit challenge you overcome is a testament to your preparation and resilience. Remember these strategies as you continue to push your limits and embody the spirit of a true Gritter!


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