The Aussie Titles 24hr Enduro: What Do I Need to Know?


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True Grit is once again bringing you Australia’s only 24hr Obstacle Course event for 2022 – the Aussie Titles 24hr Enduro. Read on for some of the key info you need to know for this 24hr obstacle course racing event.


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What is Enduro? For those who have smashed our True Grit 10-12km courses and want to take it to the next level – Enduro is for you. The Aussie Titles is a 24hr Obstacle Course event – the toughest OCR event in the Southern Hemisphere. Basically, our course will be open from 2pm on the Saturday afternoon to 2pm on the Sunday afternoon. That’s 24 hours of True Grit obstacle racing. It’s not for the faint hearted.


Entering: This 24-hour challenge isn’t just for the fittest man, woman or team on the planet. It’s actually open to anyone who has enough grit to have a go. Enter solo or go at it as a team of 2 or 4.


When will Registrations open? Registrations open with our 48hr Opening Special from 6pm (AEDT) on Sunday 24th October 2021.


What do I get? Registered participants will get the chance to participate in Australia’s 24-hour Obstacle Race. You will receive an Australian Titles 24-hour Finisher’s Shirt and a hefty piece of bling (Medal) at the finish line. Medals will also be awarded to 1st-3rd in the following categories: Solo Male, Solo Female, Overall Team of 2, Overall Team of 4.


How long is the Course?: As long as you want it to be. The event is lap based with each lap approx. 11km. Each time you hit the course and finish, that’s one lap. Your aim, or your team’s aim, is to get out there for as many laps as your body can handle. So there is a start line, but you create the finish line depending how you tolerate the gruelling course. Just keep gritting your teeth for the 24hr period or until your body physically can no longer go on.


Solo and Team options: The endurance event is open to all challengers and has solo and multiple team formats that make the concept of racing 24 hours palatable for most fitness levels. Racers are invited to challenge the course solo, in a gruelling and mentally demanding battle, or to register for the event as part of a two or four person team. Team formats consist of Teams of 2 (Male, Female or Mixed) and Teams of 4 (Male, Female or Mixed).

Only one racer is allowed on course at a time, so the option is open to competitors to hit the course as hard as they like, then rest and enjoy the company of likeminded friends while waiting for team mates to return from their lap. Strategy will play a major part in how well a team performs and it is open to teams to take it as easy and friendly, or as hard and as serious, as they choose.


How we track your laps: At the start of every lap you, or the team-mate heading out on course, must transition through a designated area in the start/finish area (Pit Area) to indicate that you or they have left the Pit Area. At the finish of every lap you must return to that area to indicate you have completed a lap. This will be a simple and seamless process. At the finish of every lap you have two choices; continue on and enter another consecutive lap, or pass on the active racing to a team mate. There will be an ankle timing ‘baton’ item that will be wearable and exchangeable between teammates. This ‘baton’ indicates the person who is ‘active’ on course. Solo competitors will wear this for the duration of the event. Teams must pass this item on to whoever is leaving for the course inside the start shoot in view of the Marshall. If you do not have this item on display at the registration tent, you cannot have the finish of your lap marked off. Do not forget to pass this item on to whoever heads out on course.


Can I have breaks? Yes, participants can stop to have a break, either by pitting in The Pit or at a warming station out on course. It is up to each Gritter to determine when they should take a break, depending on their body’s needs and their race strategy. It might be a solo decision, or the team might have to develop strategy to get the most out of each member throughout the event. It is key to note that participants will only be allowed to enter The Pit after finishing a complete lap. If participants enter The Pit any other time, they will be disqualified. Similarly, there is only one way back out on course. Any other entry to the course will result in a disqualification. The format of the Enduro allows individuals that enjoy extreme endurance to fulfil their needs! So there will be some men and women who literally do not stop for the full 24-hour period. At the very same time, people who either are not interested in such extreme levels of endurance, or would simply prefer to approach the event with a more relaxed attitude, can do so and enjoy the entire process with a group of friends. You can choose to run through the night, or decide you would prefer to have a sleep and get back into the event come the morning. All options are open. The answers to these questions will form your strategy for the event.


Take care of yourself: Once you become unwell or feel unable to continue we encourage you to end the event. Once you remove yourself you will not be able to re-commence the race.


Food? Food vendors will be set up in the Festival area (adjacent to the Pits area) and will have food and coffee for purchase until late, opening again at 7am. Please note, there is no EFTPOS or mobile coverage available onsite. It is advisable to bring food with you also if you are racing, and is best to test out your food and nutrition strategy prior to the event in your training sessions. A good nutrition plan is vital to keep you energised and hydrated.


Finish: The event finishes at the 24-hour mark. If you are part way on course when the 24 hours ends, that lap will not count to your total. So, factoring in if you can squeeze another lap in will be critical in your strategy. The winner will be the person completes the most laps. In the event that people complete the same number of laps, the winner is the person who finishes that final lap first.


Preparation: Bring whatever you think you’ll need to be comfortable, keeping in mind the course involves undulating terrain, stretches of water and long stints of mud. It is your responsibility to deal with the consequences of whatever gear you bring and you cannot abandon unwanted gear on the course. Immediately below we have set out mandatory equipment. This will be checked – you must have this gear to participate. In other global 24 hour events many participants underestimate the cold and do not heed the warning to bring a wetsuit. Many such competitors withdraw from the competition before completing even one lap. If you plan to be around for more than a couple of hours, we strongly suggest you do not take the cold lightly. You Must Have: This equipment must be carried by each individual and NOT transferred from competitor to competitor. This will be checked and you must have this gear to participate:

  1. Headlamp (Between the hours of sunset & sunrise) (advisable to make sure it is secure/attached to you)
  2. Safety Whistle (securely on your person, easy to locate and loud enough to be heard from space).


Suggested gear:

  • A wetsuit might be worth considering. You will get wet on course and temperatures will be chilly at night.
  • Neoprene gloves
  • Hat
  • Waterproof jacket
  • Triathlon shoes/Aqua shoes
  • Race belt
  • Beanie
  • Running compressions
  • Personal hydration system
  • Sunscreen
  • Swim cap
  • Wetsuits: Wetsuits are allowed and strongly encouraged in order to stay warm after crossing the water obstacles at night.


Support/Pit crew passes: Support/pit crew passes are available for $29 each. You can register your support/pit crew online when you register for the event. Passes will be by way of a wristband and must be worn at all times. Your team and pit crew are all allowed access into the pit area on a 24hr basis. Wristbands will be allocated to registered support/pit crew when you check in at the event.


Prohibited Items: Non-Diesel Generators Football Boots or metal studded trail running shoes. Drugs and alcohol Performance enhancing drugs No cars are allowed in the Pit Area. Plan to have all your gear and food mobile as you will need to carry it to your site.


Suggestions for your camp:

  • Gloves
  • At least one full change of clothing
  • Tent or shelter. Solo and 2 person teams get one site. Four person teams get 2 sites.
  • Sleeping bag and light camping mat, earplugs
  • Torch or a lantern, extra batteries
  • Dry towels
  • Compression socks
  • Extra waterproof clothing
  • Band-Aids, blister packs
  • Striderm Wetsuit EZM Balm & Anti-Chafe Extreme Roll On
  • Additional food and drinks as needed

*Please note, there is generally no mobile reception onsite and very limited pockets of reception for Telstra users.

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