Senior Fire Fighter Geared Up For Gold

02 March 2015

Senior Fire Fighter Geared Up For Gold

True Grit military inspired obstacle challenge has successfully operated around Australia now for two years, and one man knows the course better than anyone – Senior Fire Fighter of the Adelaide Fire Station Mr Angus Turnbull.

Mr Turnbull, an Australian armed forces veteran who served in the Australian Military for more than 8 years, has turned his professional passion into firefighting working his way up through the ranks of the South Australian Metropolitan Fire Service. Angus was recently thrown into the middle of it, amongst the regional bush fires that South Australia has experienced so damagingly over the last two months. It is this passion for helping others and protecting the country he loves that has driven Mr Turnbull, “Gus” to his mates, in these particularly challenging times over the last few months.

In May this year, at the True Grit event on the 2nd & 3rd, he will be presented as True Grit’s first ever gold medallist after being the first to complete 7 courses across Australia; no easy feat when you consider these course are 10+km and feature more than 30 different obstacles!

True Grit’s medal system is a remarkably unique one. After completing 3 True Grit courses either in a subsequent year in the same location, or at a different location you become a bronze medallist. After completing 5, you will be a silver medallist; and upon completing 7 True Grit courses, you become a gold medallist. And what is so unique and special about that gold, is that you are admitted to the True Grit Hall of Fame, giving you free entry to True Grit events for life.

Mr Turnbull is ecstatic about the privilege of being the first ever person to be admitted to the Hall of Fame. Gus, a novice triathlete competing in some of Australia’s toughest Ironman events remarks that, “True Grit has been a truly incredible experience and an event for all fitness levels, to be the first ever inductee into the Hall of Fame, I can’t wait to continue to run these courses for plenty of years to come.”

What makes this so special for Mr Turnbull is the Military charities that are so close to the event. The event proudly supports Legacy and the Commando Welfare Trust, so just by participating in the event, you are helping to raise funds to support these two incredibly worthy causes.

After a tough start to the year, ‘Gus’ is looking forward to doing nothing more than putting in the hard yards out on course in May and then enjoying a nice cold beer and Sangria at the finish line at the Caudo Vineyard on the mighty Murray River.