Top 5 Myths about Tackling a True Grit Course

16 September 2014

Top 5 Myths about Tackling a True Grit Course

True Grit. When thinking about running one does the thought “yeah… sure…” come to the forefront of your mind? What has become apparent to us is that when Gritters cross the finish line they are incredibly surprised at the amount of obstacles they were able to successfully do and the way in which they tackled the course. The takeaway here is that a True Grit course is much more achievable than you may think! So here, we have compiled the top 5 competitor myths about completing a True Grit course.

1. You have to complete all the obstacles.
You can run around an obstacle, yes we said it. If you can’t do confined spaces, if you can’t swim or have a phobia of heights. The battle on a True Grit course is between yourself and the wilderness, so it’s up to you what you have a go at!
However fit you are or whatever phobia you have, we firmly encourage you to at least have a go at as many obstacles as you can and challenge yourself from within. Ultimately a True Grit course is about testing yourself, we don’t have timing chips or display results against other competitors. It’s about you challenging those elements and getting outside of the comfort zones that exist in your head!

2. You need to train for more than 10 hours per week.
When we compare ourselves to that work colleague, friend or gym junkie who works out all times of the day, how are we going to be able to complete this if they are the ones raving about True Grit? The facts are that you don’t have to be one to complete a True Grit course. Most of our successful participants work out 2 or 3 times a week (4-6hrs) and most often jog once a week, so from a training sense it’s very achievable with our busy life schedules!

3. You have to be a gym junkie.
Yes there are people out there with chiselled arms and perfect six packs, and these are Gritters too however, these aren’t a pre-requisite to achieve True Grit Glory. What you do need is the capacity up top, to display a whole lot of determination, grit, and capacity not to give in and be willing to attempt new things. A True Grit course will challenge you to get outside of your comfort zone, but it’s about how you deal with it from within that will be the ultimate factor in determining an outcome for yourself.

4. You need to be an endurance runner
A True Grit course has more military inspired obstacles per kilometre than anything else out there. In the most part you will run for 400 metres (the equivalent of 1 lap around a running track), complete an obstacle, and then face another one. We have plenty of Gritters out there who aren’t much of a runner, that’s why they are tackling a True Grit course – not a half marathon! If you’re not a runner, rather than training strength or agility in the build-up it’s recommended that you tackle a couple of jogs to build yourself up. Start with a 5k, build yourself into a 7k and then if you can tackle a 10k a fortnight before you’re definitely ready to tackle a run next time with obstacles!

5. You can’t run it alone.
Can’t find anyone bold enough to take on a True Grit course with you? Don’t worry. It’s true for certain obstacles, such as the High Walls or The Ramp, but what you will find on course is that other Gritters out there will look out for you. There is this incredible sensation of community and teamwork amongst competitors out on a True Grit course to help each other through. It’s this incredible sense of comradery that drives us to enjoying an ice cold Sangria or Beer at the finish line with each other in an incredible, natural surrounding!