24hr Aussie Titles

10 June 2014

24hr Aussie Titles

Hundreds have already registered for the much anticipated 24 hour Australian Titles Obstacle Enduro event. The event comes as a result of a partnership between the Obstacle Course Racing Association of Australia (OCRA) and True Girt – Military Inspired Obstacle Challenge. The event kicks off on 23 August 2014 at the True Grit event in Sydney at 2pm.

The 24 hour Obstacle Enduro is set to be a hallmark OCR event in 2014. A multi lap event, the main aim is for challengers to complete as many laps as possible over the 24 hour period. But the addition of the teams format means most any challenger is welcome to have a go. Despite being a full 24 hour event, people can register with a team of up to four, and take the event as seriously or as jovially as they want.

According to OCRA Chairman, Adam McDonald, there will be some world class athletes at the event. However, he notes that, ‘For the majority of participants it will be a chance to create an incredibly powerful memory with friends, to experience true camaraderie and soak in a fantastic atmosphere created by a mass of humans at their best. The strategies for making it through the event are endless with teams able to rest, sleep, and get going whenever they feel the need. It’s the relay format which makes this event so accessible’.

For those seeking some serious endurance challenge, the Obstacle Enduro will take you to your absolute limits. Three and two person team options are available, edging the nature of the event more and more towards extreme. But then there is the solo event, which will put some of the finest, bravest and hardiest of souls on full display. This is a major bucket list event and though it requires some serious training and attention, it is more about the individual than the race, and is available to anyone with a burning need within them for a serious challenge.

Doubling at the Obstacle Enduro is the long course championship Aussie Titles. Australia’s best are already eyeing off the event, with Deanna Blegg and Tim Kacprzak already expressing their interests. The event is set to attract some other big names in endurance racing and is also ground-breaking in that it is also scheduled for broadcast on ESPN, with a full production team set in place to make the feature happen.

For Adam McNamee, the Director of True Grit the appeal is the full spectrum of participants having a go, whether they are world elite or mates having a great time. ‘Whether you are there for fun, for a life changing experience, to witness other’s incredible feats of grit and determination, or for a secret inner need, the Enduro will provide.’

For more information visit the about section of the True Grit website.