South Australia set for bigger and better homecoming!

27 October 2013

South Australia set for bigger and better homecoming!

Work is already underway at the Caudo Vineyard on the 2014 course that is set to be bigger and better than ever. With a significantly larger field expected than the 5,000 Gritters that competed last year, organisers have already increased the size of a number of the obstacles, such as the lengthening of the amount of lanes on the traverse ropes from four to ten and building additional width into the final slide obstacle.

Event Director Matt Cardinaels is also extremely excited about a number of new obstacle additions to the course this year. “With the knowledge base that we now have from running events across the country and with us being able to utilise the unique terrain that only the Caudo vineyard has, South Australian Gritters are in for some incredible surprises” said Cardinaels.

When quizzed about the utilisation of the Murray River this year, Cardinaels went on to say, “with the experience of the Tambourine water obstacles in particular now firmly in ours grasp, our Gritters are going to love the activity that we are going to do on the water this year.”

Obstacle racers across the country are describing Caudo Vineyard as not only spiritual home of True Grit but are placing it on a pedestal to be selected in line with some potential National honours in 2014. Whilst details haven’t been confirmed on anything just yet, some of the most experienced obstacle racers across the country want to see the event in 2014 showcased on a National scale.

The logical reasoning behind this is that to put it quite simply the course stands out from other obstacle races across Australia. What separates the Caudo Vineyard from any other course in Australia is that it has four different sets of incredibly unique terrain. Nowhere else do you have Australian bushland vegetation, a vineyard, sand dunes and the mighty Murray River all at your disposal to design and build an obstacle course.

This highlights the fact that True Grit is about so much more than just placing large wooden structures in the middle of paddocks. It has become that bucket list item for more than 14,000 people across Australia in 2013, in terms of experience and sense of achievement.